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The ACC Children’s Gallery

Got young kids in Gwangju? Get yourselves to the ACC and find the Children’s Gallery!

Gwangju’s ACC (Asia Culture Centre) is a cultural hub with galleries, exhibitions, concerts, theatres, workshops, libraries and reading rooms. It’s the Children’s Gallery that keeps us coming back though.

The Children’s Gallery has a free Play Library with a beautiful collection of books (including a small but well-chosen English section) and comfy reading areas. Let the kids sprawl with a pile of books. Enjoy the quiet and watch them learn.

If they’re ready to let some energy out, look for ‘Play Kids’. It’s free, but requires a ticket. You have to book a time slot but there’s always staff around to help you navigate the machine. It’s suited to toddlers and preschoolers with small trampolines, a ball pit, lego, large blocks, and climbing space. Lots of fun to be had here for little people.

The larger area for older kiddos is 10,000won and includes two workshops. Buy a ticket and sign up for workshops at the ticket machines. Most workshops are in Korean but, you don’t need Korean for zip-lining! There are plenty of ‘free play’ things too if workshops aren’t your kids’ thing. The huge blocks always seem to be a hit.

There’s plenty of room to run around in the courtyard. Oh, and there’s a playground on the roof if you can find your way up there!

If you need to entertain some younger kids in Gwangju, the ACC Children’s Gallery will do the job! We’ll be coming back again and again. And again.


Open 10:00 – 18:00

Closed Mondays and 1st of Jan

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