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Bungye Haebyeon, Sandy Beach in South Korea

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I think you need to ‘check in’ with your phone and get a temp check at all public beaches in Korea at the moment.

Growing up, I lived a 5-minute walk through the dunes to the beach. On summer holidays we would go to the beach nearly every day. Living in Korea, I’ve missed sandy beaches, oh so much! This one has clean, soft sand and waves! OK, ripples maybe. But more than most beaches I’ve been to in Korea. Our kids enjoyed jumping over and being pushed around by the waves, without being dunked as I was in Australian surf.

I found Bungye Beach using Naver maps, looking for the most remote beach I could find, without having to take a boat. It’s on an island off an island. To reach it you need to cross two long, long bridges, but no ferries. So easy. Get some island life without boat trips!

We must have been there on the busiest weekend for beaches in Korea! It was the summer holidays, and it was a long weekend. No one is travelling overseas, so internal travel is more than usual. Still, this beach, on this remote island was pretty quiet!

Lining the beach is a little forest. We found a shady spot right by the sand and set up our place. Growing up, we would have an almost daily dip in the ocean. But, it was an everyday thing, not an all-day thing. Setting up a spot with snacks and drinks, towels, sunscreen, and a tent is pretty new to me. As a kid, I didn’t even need a towel or footwear for the beach. It was bare feet, and drip drying on the short walk home. This is Korean-style beaching.

Bungye Beach is remote, but with the usual convenience of Korea. There are toilets (the shower block is closed due to Corona-19). A convenience store and cafe are by the free car park and there are a couple of casual snack food shops in modified shipping containers. For safety, you need to put down your contact details and have a temperature check at the car park entrance. Also, you will need a mask to enter the beach area and need to wear it to use the toilets or any other facilities. Keep your distance while on the beach, and stay safe!

Other beaches we have enjoyed this year in Jeollanam are Jeollabuk-do are Yulpo Beach and Gosapo Beach.


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