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    Hongjecheon Stream, Walking and Cycling Trail in Seoul

    There are so many fantastic walking and cycling trails in Seoul. Hongjecheon stands out due to it’s ease – you can easily walk or cycle here with children – and also the number of unique stops along the way. You can start and finish wherever you wish, but this tour begins at Sangmyung University (or at least the bus stop at the bottom of the hill to Sangmyung University) and ends at the Han River. You could take it the opposite direction, or jump in anywhere in between. Palseongsaeng Chinese Restaurant On the corner of the street leading up to Sangmyung University is this fantastic restaurant. If you start or…

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    Where to eat in Gwangju, 11 Family Faves

    If you are visiting Gwangju and looking for traditional Korean food, this is not the list for you. We cook a lot of Korean food at home or when we get food delivered. So, when we go out, it’s usually because we’re craving something a bit different. Here, I’m listing some of our family favourites! Most are downtown or in Nam-gu, because that’s where we live. I’d love to hear recommendations in other areas. Let us know in the comments! In no particular order… First Alleyway The kiddos are young and adaptable enough that they rarely mention missing Australia. What they do miss is Grandma and Grandpa, babycinos, and fish…

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    Vietnamese in Gwangju, Namgwangju Market

    Back in 2006 when I first lived in Seoul, the hardest part was missing the variety of cuisines we could find in Melbourne. Along with Thai and Greek food, I often crave Vietnamese. Things have changed considerably in the last 14 years. There are now Pho restaurants all over Gwangju but, this one is particularly authentic. Even better, it’s just a short walk from our place at Namgwangju market. This is the first Vietnamese place in Gwangju that serves coriander with its Pho. Now, if only we could get some Vietnamese mint too. Apart from the cut of meat, which makes it more Korean-ish, the taste of the soup was…