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    Seokjeong Hot Springs Hue Spa

    Okay, this is not Caribbean Bay, but if you live near Gwangju, or Jeonju or anywhere in between, this is the place to go for families with young kiddos! Don’t bother if you are adults looking for excitement, but for family time (or adults looking for some quiet time) with a bit of excitement… this is the place to go!! This was our second year coming here. We first came, while living in Gwangju, for our daughter’s birthday. She loved it so much that she asked to come again for her birthday this year. We now live in Seoul, so quite a trek, but we combined it with a visit…

  • Baegun Valley
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    Where to Escape the Heat in and Around Seoul this Summer

    Korean summers are hot and humid, and if you can walk out the door without breaking a sweat, you’re a tougher person than I! I am Australian. I have lived through 30 something summers with 40° celsius days, but I’ve never felt as uncomfortable as summer in Korea. It’s the humidity! Still, there are plenty of places to cool off and beat the heat. Of course, there are beaches and mountain streams and even shady spots or air-conditioned oases within the city. Here are the top places I’ve found, so far, to escape the summer heat! I’d love to hear your ideas to add to my repertoire. Hit the Beach…

  • Honjaecheon Stream
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    Hongjecheon Stream, Walking and Cycling Trail in Seoul

    There are so many fantastic walking and cycling trails in Seoul. Hongjecheon stands out due to it’s ease – you can easily walk or cycle here with children – and also the number of unique stops along the way. You can start and finish wherever you wish, but this tour begins at Sangmyung University (or at least the bus stop at the bottom of the hill to Sangmyung University) and ends at the Han River. You could take it the opposite direction, or jump in anywhere in between. Palseongsaeng Chinese Restaurant On the corner of the street leading up to Sangmyung University is this fantastic restaurant. If you start or…

  • naturally dye easter eggs with food
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    How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs with Food from your Kitchen

    Look, I would prefer chocolate eggs (Cadbury Creme Eggs – if only!!). But, let’s face it, chocolate easter eggs are hard to find here in Korea. I know you can order them online, but I’m just not that organised. It’s Friday today, and I only just remembered that Sunday is Easter. Well, since today is Good Friday, it’s technically already Easter. Hence, we’ll make do with a couple of Kinder Surprise eggs and some hard-boiled ones for our little Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday morning. I also don’t have food dye. I already said I’m unorganised. The same thing happened last year, and we discovered a genius solution that we…

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    Gwangju National Science Museum

    With its futuristic exterior and expansive grounds, the Gwangju National Science Museum is worth the visit before you even enter the building. Make use of the picnic areas and outdoor play spaces before or after your visit and you could easily spend the day here. Unfortunately on our rainy visit we had to stick to the indoor area. Although the interactive exhibits are more suited to older children our preschoolers still found plenty to explore. The permanent hands-on exhibitions include Light, Science, and Art, Science in Living and Science for the Future. There is plenty of inspiration for children and young people to get curious about science. On our next…

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    The ACC Children’s Gallery

    Got young kids in Gwangju? Get yourselves to the ACC and find the Children’s Gallery! Gwangju’s ACC (Asia Culture Centre) is a cultural hub with galleries, exhibitions, concerts, theatres, workshops, libraries and reading rooms. It’s the Children’s Gallery that keeps us coming back though. The Children’s Gallery has a free Play Library with a beautiful collection of books (including a small but well-chosen English section) and comfy reading areas. Let the kids sprawl with a pile of books. Enjoy the quiet and watch them learn. If they’re ready to let some energy out, look for ‘Play Kids’. It’s free, but requires a ticket. You have to book a time slot…