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    Where to Beat the Heat in Jeollanamdo this Summer

    Hit the Beach After living in Gwangju for two years, we’ve done our fair share of beach trips and beach camping weekends. There are plenty to choose from but here are some of our favourites. Hampyeong Dolmeori Beach Just 40mins drive from Gwangju, I think Hampyeong Dolmeori Beach is the closest. There’s also an intercity bus from the bus terminal then local bus 500 will take you right to the beach. Due to huge differences in the tide, they’ve constructed a wall to keep an area for swimming, even when the rest of the beach is mudflats – also fun for crab hunting if you’re into that. There’s even a…

  • Gwangju Family Land Observation Wheel
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    Gwangju Family Land and Uchi Park Zoo

    Gwangju Family Land is a quaint, little amusement park on the outskirts of the city. Nestled into a mountainside, surrounded by greenery, we were grateful for the shade and breeze on this sweltering August day. Family Land opened in 1991, but I felt transported back to an even earlier time. For a couple of thousand won, you can take a little train from the car park to the gate. Don’t expect too much! A colourful observation wheel stands by the entrance, with several small food outlets and shops, and then an average selection of rides. The merry-go-round, dodgem cars, pirate ship and small rollercoasters have a somewhat vintage feel. Still,…