Gwangju Lake Eco Park

Are you looking for some fresh air, beautiful views and a bit of nature? Get yourselves to Gwangju Lake Eco Park!

After weeks of trying to practice social distancing, we decided it was time to get out of the house and out of the city. Not wanting to go somewhere too far away or too touristy we headed out to Gwangju Lake Eco Park.

Entry is a bit strict these days. No food, no bikes or scooters. They are also checking temperatures and applying hand sanitizer at the entrance. Thankfully, we passed the temp test and they let us in.

We started the day with a snack. Hot dogs. Korean hot dogs. You need to keep a very open mind while trying these. I chose the potato hot dog. It’s a sausage, on a stick, breaded, covered in chips, and deep-fried. It is disgustingly delicious!

Kids chose different versions of ‘hot dogs’.

A few doors down the road, the donut shop is oh so good! I didn’t even get pictures because we were too busy demolishing the donuts. Try the mixed box.

500 year old trees!

These spectacular trees date back to the 1500s! If only we could climb them.

Oh, it’s so relaxing and refreshing to let your kids run ahead with no fear of traffic. Go for it, boy!

The boardwalk gives you a beautiful view of the lake. As a bonus, kids cannot run away because they have to follow the path. Bonus: they won’t try to stray from the path after you point out the ‘snakes live here’ sign!

There are a few arty bits that are fun too. The little ones loved these tree huts.

The mountains surrounding the lake are particularly spectacular with all the fresh spring new growth but, I would love to come back and check it out during autumn.

I’m so glad we came. It was beautiful and refreshing to be out and about again.

The Nitty Gritty!

Address: 442-4, Chunghyo-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju


Bus 225 will take you there from the Gwangju Bus Terminal.


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