naturally dye easter eggs with food
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How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs with Food from your Kitchen

Look, I would prefer chocolate eggs (Cadbury Creme Eggs – if only!!). But, let’s face it, chocolate easter eggs are hard to find here in Korea. I know you can order them online, but I’m just not that organised. It’s Friday today, and I only just remembered that Sunday is Easter. Well, since today is Good Friday, it’s technically already Easter. Hence, we’ll make do with a couple of Kinder Surprise eggs and some hard-boiled ones for our little Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday morning.

I also don’t have food dye. I already said I’m unorganised. The same thing happened last year, and we discovered a genius solution that we will try again this year. Did you know you can dye eggs with actual food? Not food colouring, just food from your kitchen!

Turmeric and onion for yellowish-orange eggs, beetroot for pink, and cabbage and blueberries for blue.

The original instructions I found were to combine 4 cups of water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, bring to the boil, add your dye ingredients, simmer for 30 minutes, let cool, strain the food, and then soak the eggs for 30 minutes. That seemed a bit time consuming, so we just popped the eggs into the simmering water, let simmer for a few minutes and turned off the heat. Half an hour later, we pulled out coloured, boiled eggs that we could later eat. Win!

We had fun trying to guess what colours different foods would make. The final products may not be as pretty as all the pretty Pinterest ones, but we enjoyed it, it worked, and we took the eggs out on our picnic lunch after our morning hunt. Happy Easter!

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