Gwamju Mudeungsan Monorail

Gwangju’s Mudeungsan Monorail

Living in and exploring Gwangju for two years, I only just discovered that Mudeungsan has a monorail. Oh yes! A chairlift and a monorail and an obesrvatory. All the stunning views without the sweaty hiking!

Jisan Recreation Area used to be an amusement park back in the 70s. Faded waterslides snake eerily out of the overgrown forest and into a concrete car park.

First, you take the chairlift. Purchase tickets from the convenience store at the entrance, hiding behind Mudesung Park Hotel. Tickets are 9,000won (Adult) / 7,000won (Child) for the lift and 7,000won (Adult) / 6,000won (Child) for the monorail. Children over two years are allowed on the chairlift. Our boy has just turned four and had no problem. I was nervous – alright, maybe panicking – the whole way up that he would slip out of the chairlift seat! That’s just me, though – and he survived just fine!

Once at the top of the chairlift, it’s a short stroll to the monorail. Oh my, what a view! This is undoubtedly the easiest way of getting to the top of Mudeugsan. It’s a slow but somewhat hairy ride. I would not recommend it to my mother or anyone else with even the slightest acrophobia.

With its unique design and dilapidated beauty, the octagonal observatory at the top is a sight in itself. The whole area has that semi-abandoned feel that always intrigues me. I love to imagine what places like this might have been like in their heyday.

Even on a cloudy, winter’s afternoon, we amazed at the views and the misty mountains just added to the novel experience. Certainly a unique family outing.

Opening hours are 10:00~19:00 on weekdays and 9:00~19:00 on weekdays.

It’s not hard to work out yourself, but Butlers Korea can help you book the lift and monorail and pretty much any other need you might have while visiting this area of Korea!

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