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Mudeung Mountain Sheep Ranch, Hwasun

After being stuck at home with Covid-19 restrictions, we were looking for somewhere remote but also interesting for the kids. You can imagine our enthusiasm when we discovered that Gwangju has a sheep ranch only 25mins from our house, right on the green slopes of Mudeung Mountain.

Mudeung Mountain Sheep Ranch

Lovely green pastures, surrounded by the dramatic, green of Mudeungsan mountain in late summer and a slight cool breeze now that autumn is on its way. This is the perfect time to visit Mudeung Mountain Sheep Ranch.

Sheep Ranch Korea

It cost us 20,000won for the four of us. 6,000 for adults and 4,000 for kids. The entrance fee included four baskets of straw to feed the sheep. The kids were very nervous at first but warmed up enough to feed and pat the sheep. We were allowed to enter the pen and interact with the sheep, but our kids were too scared. So, we patted their heads through the fence.

Sheep Ranch Korea

What a lovely relaxing place to wander the mountainside! Appa and Bubbaloo found a pile of chestnuts, right under the tree and managed to open them up – not an easy feat – they’re incredibly spiky! But, we got to munch on some fresh chestnuts while watching the sheep graze.

Sheep Farm Korea

The kids were pretty tired by the end, especially since we’ve been mostly indoors during coronavirus restrictions. They did say afterwards that they LOVED it! Highly recommended!

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