Oedaldo, Island Trip in Korea

Around this time last year, we spent a weekend on Oedaldo. Oedaldo is an island off the south-west coast of Korea. You can get there by ferry from Mokpo in Jeollanamdo. The ferry takes cars but we decided to save money and leave our car in Mokpo. It’s a small island and you don’t need a car.

The ferry ride was an adventure in itself. There are no chairs, just floor space for people to sit, lie, laze about. Outside, birds were circling the boat. Likely waiting for people to throw them snack foods for entertainment. Not sure how good it is for the birds. Blue skies and beautiful green islands make for a great view.

On arrival, it was just a 15-minute walk (with slow kids) to the pension. It’s such a small, remote island, and we immediately felt the quiet and slowness of life. The Hanok Pensions is just beautiful, and you can’t help but feel peaceful in this environment.

Our accomodation.
… and the view from our accomodation.

It was so beautiful and peaceful! Right on the beachfront. It was just what we needed to relax after a hot summer. The actual accommodation had two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living area that can also sleep two people. We were 6 adults and 2 children and we slept comfortably.

The kids had a marvellous time playing on the beach. Lovely soft sand and calm water. It was perfect!

If you want to explore, you can follow the path East from the beach, up over the hill and follow it most of the way around the island.

We enjoyed a bbq dinner right on the beach’s edge and I had a peaceful sleep, with the background noise of gently lapping waves. I grew up by the beach. I do feel at home hearing waves crashing. These waves weren’t crashing as they do in southern Australia… but, I heard waves, and it was comforting.

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