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Seokjeong Hot Springs Hue Spa

Okay, this is not Caribbean Bay, but if you live near Gwangju, or Jeonju or anywhere in between, this is the place to go for families with young kiddos! Don’t bother if you are adults looking for excitement, but for family time (or adults looking for some quiet time) with a bit of excitement… this is the place to go!!

This was our second year coming here. We first came, while living in Gwangju, for our daughter’s birthday. She loved it so much that she asked to come again for her birthday this year. We now live in Seoul, so quite a trek, but we combined it with a visit to the grandparents, so it was all good.

Side Note: I also managed to get my Pfizer injection here in the countryside, with no booking. We just called, and they said, yep, we’ve got a few extra tomorrow, so come along in the morning. So, those of you living in the countryside, and waiting, try asking! Who knows?’

Heu Spa is not a luxury spa. Do not be disappointed! It is, however, a convenient, fun and relaxing place for families to enjoy.

There’s a lemon pool, persimmon pool, green tea pool…. all spa-like pools. But be careful, the lemon pool turned the white part of my bathers an off-white yellowish colour! There’s also a big pool to swim or float about in!

For us, though, the waterslides were the hit.

It’s not cheap. It was 25,000won per adult and about half that per child. I can’t give exact costs because it depends on the season and you also get discounts if you book online or have certain credit cards. We didn’t, so we paid full price.

We had to wear masks the whole time this year. Not nice in a swimming pool. I took the yellow water slide several times, and every time, I ended up with my mask either over my eyes or around my neck when I hit the water at the bottom! It was still fun, though.

So, the boring details: you either buy a ticket online if you can read Korean or buy at the ticket office at the front. They’ll give you a ticket with a number. That’s your shoe locker number. You go to the shoe lockers, put your shoes in, and take the key with you because that’s the key to your clothes locker in the changing rooms. Pick up a few towels on the way in, and keep your locker key on your wrist at all times as it will get you in and out of the locker rooms and also the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is pretty average; fried rice, dongatsu, undong etc., but is good enough to fill a tummy.

We’ve been to quite a few beaches and mountain streams both around Jeolla-do and Seoul for more outdoor spots to get some relief from the summer heat.

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