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    Gwangju Lake Eco Park

    Are you looking for some fresh air, beautiful views and a bit of nature? Get yourselves to Gwangju Lake Eco Park! After weeks of trying to practice social distancing, we decided it was time to get out of the house and out of the city. Not wanting to go somewhere too far away or too touristy we headed out to Gwangju Lake Eco Park. Entry is a bit strict these days. No food, no bikes or scooters. They are also checking temperatures and applying hand sanitizer at the entrance. Thankfully, we passed the temp test and they let us in. We started the day with a snack. Hot dogs. Korean…

  • Stone Buddhas and autumn leaves at Unjusa Temple, Hwasun, South Korea

    Unjusa Temple, Hwasun

    Hwasun is about 45mins from Gwangju. Surrounded by rocky, forest-covered mountains, it is home to a Buddhist temple that is considered a South Korea National Treasure. If you want to get outside the city and get a bit of culture and history to boot, try Unjusa Temple. Although the origins are unknown, it is thought to date back to at least 935AD. Unjusa is famous for having an unusually large number of stone Buddhas and Pagodas. The story goes that the Korean peninsular had fewer mountains in the southwestern region. To prevent the country from capsizing, a monk brought stonemasons down from heaven to build a thousand stone statues to…