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    Deokbawi Agricultural Village, Kids’ Camping in Korea

    In a very green, agricultural area in Chungchoengnamdo is a private camping ground designed for families with young kids. If you’re looking for an entertaining and affordable weekend escape with your littlies, then this is the place! It’s the furthest from remote, bush camping you can get. Don’t expect privacy or a peaceful place for quiet contemplation. Nope, this place is for fun, and camping in Korea with kids could not get more convenient! We chose this spot because it’s between Seoul and Gwangju, and we were meeting our dear friends from Seoul. It would be our first time with friends since the pandemic hit in late February, and we…

  • Yulpo beach

    Yulpo Beach, Camping in Korea

    If you want to go beach camping in the south of South Korea, Yulpo Beach is a great beginner option. It’s close to Gwangju, there are toilets, you can park nearby and there are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. Maybe not peaceful, isolated camping, but easy camping! We were there on Children’s day eve, so probably one of the busier days to camp, and it was still not too hectic. We chose a quiet spot at the western end of the beach, far from other campers but also far from facilities. Since we were arriving latish this time, we gave up on the fire and went out for dinner.…

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    Gosapo Beach, Camping in Korea

    Around an hour and a half northeast of Gwangju is Byeongsanbando National Park. It’s a gem! The park boasts luscious mountains, temples, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, salt farms, fishing villages, and tons of camping opportunities. Gosapo beach was the perfect spot for our first venture into the area, and we’re already planning the next one. There are several enticing beaches along the coast here, but most were already overcrowded this weekend, and it’s not even June. We had planned to stay at Mohang beach, just 3km south, but it was packed. Less than 15 minutes down the road, we discovered Gosapo beach – a beautiful, long stretch of sand and…