• Gwangalli Beach Busan

    3 Days in Busan with Kids in the Rain

    We had wanted to visit Busan for years. When the opportunity suddenly arose for a few days away, we decided to go for it. We then found ourselves in Busan, with kids, in the rain. Having packed for a beach trip, we had snorkels, buckets and spades, inflatable beach toys but only one light cardigan each. Oops. We were now on the hunt for indoor activities to keep us busy. Gwangalli Beach Haeundae might be the most popular beach in Busan, but we chose to stay at Gwangalli Beach, and we sure are glad we did. Gwangalli Beach is a long, curved stretch of sand lined with tiki umbrellas and stunning…

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    Deokbawi Agricultural Village, Kids’ Camping in Korea

    In a very green, agricultural area in Chungchoengnamdo is a private camping ground designed for families with young kids. If you’re looking for an entertaining and affordable weekend escape with your littlies, then this is the place! It’s the furthest from remote, bush camping you can get. Don’t expect privacy or a peaceful place for quiet contemplation. Nope, this place is for fun, and camping in Korea with kids could not get more convenient! We chose this spot because it’s between Seoul and Gwangju, and we were meeting our dear friends from Seoul. It would be our first time with friends since the pandemic hit in late February, and we…

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    Wolchulsan Hiking and Camping in Korea

    Hiking Wolchulsan Wolchulsan is a spectacular mountain with amazing views. Wolchulsan National Park is the smallest national park in South Korea, but it makes up for it in beauty. It also offers a bit of peace and quiet from the usual hiking crowds. It also happens to be our family’s ‘local’ mountain, on the doorstep of Appa’s family home. The first time I hiked Wolchulsan was with my now in-laws, before kids, and before marriage. Grand memories from that day! It’s a challenging hike up to Gureumdari (Cloud Bridge), but it’s totally worth the sweat. On a clear day, the view is great, but when the peaks are shrouded by…