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    How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs with Food from your Kitchen

    Look, I would prefer chocolate eggs (Cadbury Creme Eggs – if only!!). But, let’s face it, chocolate easter eggs are hard to find here in Korea. I know you can order them online, but I’m just not that organised. It’s Friday today, and I only just remembered that Sunday is Easter. Well, since today is Good Friday, it’s technically already Easter. Hence, we’ll make do with a couple of Kinder Surprise eggs and some hard-boiled ones for our little Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday morning. I also don’t have food dye. I already said I’m unorganised. The same thing happened last year, and we discovered a genius solution that we…

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    The ACC Children’s Gallery

    Got young kids in Gwangju? Get yourselves to the ACC and find the Children’s Gallery! Gwangju’s ACC (Asia Culture Centre) is a cultural hub with galleries, exhibitions, concerts, theatres, workshops, libraries and reading rooms. It’s the Children’s Gallery that keeps us coming back though. The Children’s Gallery has a free Play Library with a beautiful collection of books (including a small but well-chosen English section) and comfy reading areas. Let the kids sprawl with a pile of books. Enjoy the quiet and watch them learn. If they’re ready to let some energy out, look for ‘Play Kids’. It’s free, but requires a ticket. You have to book a time slot…