• Honjaecheon Stream
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    Hongjecheon Stream, Walking and Cycling Trail in Seoul

    There are so many fantastic walking and cycling trails in Seoul. Hongjecheon stands out due to it’s ease – you can easily walk or cycle here with children – and also the number of unique stops along the way. You can start and finish wherever you wish, but this tour begins at Sangmyung University (or at least the bus stop at the bottom of the hill to Sangmyung University) and ends at the Han River. You could take it the opposite direction, or jump in anywhere in between. Palseongsaeng Chinese Restaurant On the corner of the street leading up to Sangmyung University is this fantastic restaurant. If you start or…

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    Ansan Cherry Blossom Walkway

    So, I’m a week too late with this post. The blossoms have disappeared and new leaves are budding on the trees. But the tulips are in full bloom and it’s still a beautiful place for a walk or a picnic. We walked along Hongje Stream from Pobangteo Market, near our new house, and about 30 mins later we reached the waterfalls that signal the entrance to the Ansan Cherry Blossom Walkway. We could have crossed the stream to find the entrance beside the waterfall, but we entered via the street next to Seodaemun-gu Office. Missy moo needed the toilet! The whole area is spectacular when the cherry blossoms are in…