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    Seokjeong Hot Springs Hue Spa

    Okay, this is not Caribbean Bay, but if you live near Gwangju, or Jeonju or anywhere in between, this is the place to go for families with young kiddos! Don’t bother if you are adults looking for excitement, but for family time (or adults looking for some quiet time) with a bit of excitement… this is the place to go!! This was our second year coming here. We first came, while living in Gwangju, for our daughter’s birthday. She loved it so much that she asked to come again for her birthday this year. We now live in Seoul, so quite a trek, but we combined it with a visit…

  • Baegun Valley
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    Where to Escape the Heat in and Around Seoul this Summer

    Korean summers are hot and humid, and if you can walk out the door without breaking a sweat, you’re a tougher person than I! I am Australian. I have lived through 30 something summers with 40° celsius days, but I’ve never felt as uncomfortable as summer in Korea. It’s the humidity! Still, there are plenty of places to cool off and beat the heat. Of course, there are beaches and mountain streams and even shady spots or air-conditioned oases within the city. Here are the top places I’ve found, so far, to escape the summer heat! I’d love to hear your ideas to add to my repertoire. Hit the Beach…

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    Overnight trip to Tongyeong with Kids

    After a night in the countryside at the Grandparents’ house, we set off for an overnight trip to Tongyeong on our way to Busan. The kids and I struggle with long car trips, so it’s always better to break up trips into smaller sections. The port city of Tongyeong seemed like a perfect stopover for beauty, culture, sea, and history! We chose a smallish hotel with pretty average reviews but a very decent price and views across the bay. It turned out to be clean, comfortable and waking up to watch the fishing boats come into the port was good fun. Tongyeong Samdo Sugun Tongjeyeong Naval Station During Joseon times,…

  • Gyeongju
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    Overnight trip to Gyeongju

    On our way home from Busan last month, we stopped over in Gyeongju overnight to break up the trip. The last time I was here was in 2007 with my parents. A LOT has changed in that time. Back then, we struggled to find a spot to stop for a pre-dinner beer or any restaurants that looked especially interesting. We did have a great time and resorted to Norebang (karaoke) for our nighttime entertainment. But now! Now Gyeongju is full of microbreweries, hipster bars and quaint cafes. Some complain about the gentrification of this small city, but the excellent rooftop pizza and gelati shop might make up for it! First…

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    Ansan Cherry Blossom Walkway

    So, I’m a week too late with this post. The blossoms have disappeared and new leaves are budding on the trees. But the tulips are in full bloom and it’s still a beautiful place for a walk or a picnic. We walked along Hongje Stream from Pobangteo Market, near our new house, and about 30 mins later we reached the waterfalls that signal the entrance to the Ansan Cherry Blossom Walkway. We could have crossed the stream to find the entrance beside the waterfall, but we entered via the street next to Seodaemun-gu Office. Missy moo needed the toilet! The whole area is spectacular when the cherry blossoms are in…

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    Where to eat in Gwangju, 11 Family Faves

    If you are visiting Gwangju and looking for traditional Korean food, this is not the list for you. We cook a lot of Korean food at home or when we get food delivered. So, when we go out, it’s usually because we’re craving something a bit different. Here, I’m listing some of our family favourites! Most are downtown or in Nam-gu, because that’s where we live. I’d love to hear recommendations in other areas. Let us know in the comments! In no particular order… First Alleyway The kiddos are young and adaptable enough that they rarely mention missing Australia. What they do miss is Grandma and Grandpa, babycinos, and fish…

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    Gwangyang Maehwa Festival (but not a festival this year) – Blossoms in Korea

    Back in the spring of 2019, we were lucky enough to enjoy the Gwangyang Maehwa Festival. This was back before I had a ‘real’ camera and before I had any notion of maybe wanting to share our travels on a blog. I have very few photos, but the memories and the impressions have stuck. I was SO unimpressed with the traffic going into the festival area. Luckily (or unluckily?), you might not have that to deal with this year. Our then four-year-old was so desperate to go to the toilet while stuck in traffic that I offered her little brother’s nappy to wee in. She refused and held on! After…

  • Gurye Sansuyu

    Gurye Sansuyu Flower Festival – Springtime in Korea

    Spring is here! The striking yellow blooms at Gurye Sansuyu Festival signal the beginning of spring in South Korea. They are one of the first trees to start blooming in early spring. Last year we visited this quaint little village in Guryeon on the 20th of March. So, around about now. Since we just moved to Seoul and, well, travel is best avoided these days, we’ll have to miss out this year. My heart is melting looking back at the memories from last year. If you happen to be nearer and could visit on a weekday to avoid the crowds, I hope you can make some beautiful memories of your…

  • Hampyeon Dolmeori Beach in the Snow

    Winter Camping in Korea at Hampyeong Dolmeori Beach

    It was the year that all events got scratched out of my diary. Our travel plans got cancelled, my visit home got put on hold, and all the friends we had planned to catch up with are still waiting. 2020 also, unintentionally, become our year of camping in Korea. Or, the year of camping in our little corner of Korea. We do try to avoid accumulating too much stuff and try to keep things simple. Simplicity (laziness?) is important to us. So we purchased a simple, pop-up tent. That’s it. We jammed our spare floor mattress and our pillows and blankets straight from our beds into the car and headed…

  • Autumn leaves Korea

    Autumn Leaves in Korea; Naejangsan National Park

    Autumn, my favourite season in South Korea, has finally arrived. The air is fresh and cool, the skies are blue and the leaves are turning all shades of red, orange and yellow. Naejangsan National Park borders on both Jeollanamdo and Jeollabukdo, and it’s only an hour from Gwangju. The drive into the national park was beautiful! The entrance to the national park, not so much! Even on a Friday morning, the car park was packed, and the road leading up to the walking track was filled with food stalls and blasting trot music. Thankfully, just 15mins up the road, the crowds had dispersed, and we found a little peace and…