We’re so glad you’re here! Let me introduce ourselves.

Mummy, Appa, Missy Moo and Bubbaloo at the Hwasun Flower Festival.

I’m Liz. I’m an Australian girl, a teacher, a traveller and I am Mummy. I’m here with Appa; a Korean boy who followed his heart to Australia, around the world, back to Gwangju, South Korea (and now we’re starting our new adventure in Seoul!) We are Mummy and Appa to two little people; little Missy Moo and littler Bubbaloo.

We’re here to share our experiences, thoughts, ideas, and tips. For now, we’ll focus on South Korea… but there will be also tips for trips further afield when we’re able to travel again.

This is a blog about travel. It’s a blog about our favourite places to explore. It’s about our favourite food and places to eat. It’s about teaching and learning and growing. It’s about being a multicultural, multilingual family. It’s about life.

Make yourself at home, look around, and we hope you will get in touch.

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